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HongKonger Black Bauhinia Flag Metallic Badge 🇩🇪 Made in Germany

HongKonger Black Bauhinia Flag Metallic Badge 🇩🇪 Made in Germany

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🇩🇪 Made in Germany.
Black Bauhinia is an iconic flag representing HongKonger fight for freedom in 2019. HongKongers are becoming an indigenous around the world after 2019.

This badge may recall your memories, remind our past and our unique identity. It is designed friendly for attaching clothes or bags. It is 32mm in diameter, metallic finish, supporting HongKongers message on the edge.

Mass production and manufactured in Germany with democratic supply chain. Apologized for using iPhone on product shooting.

Stand with Hongkonger, fight for freedom.

黑紫荊旗以一眾黑衣支持民主抗爭者的黑色為主色,花瓣正在不斷凋零,象徽香港已失去一切自由與䌓華。黑紫荊旗於2019年反對逃犯條例修訂運動中,為廣大民主支持者所使用,表達了香港人的憤慨。 期望透過配戴著襟章去重申我們的獨有身分,我們是香港人!



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